CLIPS, RUBBER RINGS, LIDS, ACCESSORIES WECK The silicone caps are multi-uses, and adaptable to all the models of jars WECK with a diameter 60 mm of opening. They are incredibly practical and so much prettier in your kitchen. They are made out of silicone with the European standards of quality, without Bisphenol A (BPA free) The silicone caps go: - with the microwave - with the oven (up to 250°C) - with the lava Dishes - with the freezer The caps exist several colors, and are reusable during years. They enable you to preserve all your food, and to carry them everywhere! Make your small dishes, your pots for baby, your lunches to be carried everywhere, without fear of reversing some in your bag, or your car. Them to wash, anything simpler: with the soap Dishes and water, or the dishwasher! The CAPE model TO INFUSE here presented has a spout, practical to make your chili oils, your vinaigrettes, your infusions, your decoctions, your drinks, your seasonings…

Product features

Diameter 100 mm
Color Yellow/Olive

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