Capacitive humidity sensor KFS140-D

Humidity sensors

9.82€ TTC


Capacitive humidity sensors are mechanically robust, dew resistant, alcohol resistant and suitable for many application areas.

Product features

Name Capacitive humidity sensor
Humidity measuring range 0...100% RH
Application temperature -50...+150 °C
Capacity 150 pF + 50 pF (at 23 °C and 30% RH)
Gradient 0.25 pF/% RH
Dissipation factor <0.01
Hysteresis <±1.5% RH
Linearity error humidity <±1.5% RH
Response time humidity 5 s
Frequency range 1...100 kHz
Operating voltage max. <12 Vpp
Signal form Alternating voltage without DC share
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5 x 3.81 x 0.4 mm
Connection PTFE insulated wires; RM 2.54 mm
Weight 0.005 kg

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