This fantastic mobile car baler is one of the fastest, safest and one of the most reliable balers on the market today, and in the scrap industry machine reliability is most important to keep you and your company processing day-to-day. The 5.3 Mobile Car Baler comes with a standard loading box 5.3 meters long, there are many extras that you can have with your baler i.e. loading crane, cabin & grab, hydraulic stabilizing legs, bale ejection door and many more see below to see the rest of optional extras.

Metal packaging machine
  • Car baler
  • Car Baling Hydraulic Press
  • Car loggers

Product features

Motor: Cummins diesel engine Box
Length: 5.280 meters
Bale size: 860mm x 860mm x variable
Pushing cylinder force: 150 tonne
Cover cylinder force: 360 tonne Weight: From 19.6 to 23.2 tonne

Additional product literature

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