This felt car seat organizer is a very convenient solution to prevent the mess in the car. The use of too much pocket, easy mounting on the seat also increases the usability. This product from Matador Useful Goods car seat organizer is a good choice for tablets, beverages, notebooks, magazines, pens, napkins and more. This product we produce and serve is very pocket-sized, with durable material structure and high quality seams, it is suitable for many vehicles/car types, brands. Material: Car seat organizer is produced from special nonwoven /felt material for many times and for long time use. It is reinforced with Velcro straps and can easily be removed and reused. We can call it felt vegan as material. It is more than 3mm thick. In addition, we use special tires and cords to hold the product more firmly on the seat. In addition, the material we use is vegan felt And it’s safe for kids. If requested, it can be removed immediately, it will not get dirty quickly.

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  • car seat organizer
  • backseat car organizer for kids
  • universal car felt organizer