Carbon Odor Eliminators

Fragrance Delivery


Freshen rooms and spaces with odor eliminators From refrigerators to trash receptacles, multiple places around the home can contain odors. POREX® odor eliminators can be loaded with carbon and other functional additives to remove odors from the air in a room or closed space. To help freshen small spaces in homes, our odor eliminators: Allow for customization – POREX® sintered particle odor eliminators are available in three-dimensional and other custom shapes. Offer added functionality – Can be loaded with carbon or other functional additives to maximize effectiveness. Improve space utilization – Porex 3 dimensional molding capability offers larger open surface area compared to other alternatives on the market. Features Strong, rigid structure with large open surface area for maximum effectiveness Can be loaded with carbon or other odor removing additives Materials Offered Advanced porous materials (PE, PP) Carbon loading options Formats Available 3D molded...

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