Cardboard for liners of corrugated board is produced according to TU 21.1-31812534-022: 2009 "Cardboard liner for corrugated board. Technical terms". Parameters: Weight of cardboard: 125 - 200 g / m2 Grade: CL-1, CL-2, CL-3 with a top layer of brown or natural fiber colour; Cardboard liner is manufactured of machine finished. Dimensions: Cardboard is manufactured in rolls.. Roll width: max. 2,450 mm min. 700 mm Roll Diameter: max. 1,150 mm min. 900 mm Paper-reel core: inner diameter of 76 mm or 100 mm, wall thickness - not less than 10 mm Cardboard for liners of corrugated board is made of 100% waste paper

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  • cardboard
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