Casement Wooden Windows The outward opening CASEMENT is the UK’s most frequently chosen timber window design. The profile reflects a proven ability to withstand exposure to adverse weather conditions. The internally-glazed design containing a modern concealed-multi-point locking-system provides high security features compliant with Secured by Design conditions. The sash stands proud of the frame giving excellent gasket compression and the best weather rating available. We supply windows manufactured from multi-layered laminated woods in Mahogany and Pine designed not to twist or warp. Other woods including oak and larch will be supplied for special projects where the volume is of sufficient size to not make the cost too prohibitive. With a variety of RAL colours, decorative bars and finishings, as well as the wide selection of accessories that we have to offer, windows can be created according to any tastes or needs.

Windows, wood
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Product features

Depth of leaf 56mm | 68mm
gaskets 2
glass unit double or triple

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