Cattle slaughter line 40-50 heads per day Ready for shipment

Cattle processing line


Including : •Killing box •Bleeding hoist •Bleeding shackle (2x) •Dressing conveyor with guides for the slaughter slat •Burry •Slaughter slat •Hooks (50x) •Leg spreader •Conveyor in cold room (for 25 carcasses) •Convoyor for quartering (cutting the half carcasses in two : one for quarter and one back quarter) •Quartering hoist •Deboning table •Conveyor for expedition •Supporting structure for all conveyors (consisting of IPE 200, 180 et 160) Attention : included are also the columns to support the structure. •Sandwich panels for the cold room •Isothermic door for the cold room •Complete cooling system for the cold room, cap. 15 kW, adapted to Uganda climate

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4491PS Wissenkerke - Netherlands


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