Celery Oleoresin
Natural Flavor Celery Oleoresin/Celery Oleoresin w/s 5%/12%/ 10%/8%  - SILVERLINE CHEMICALS LTD


Active Characterizing Principles Volatile Oil PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The product is natural and is obtained by solvent extraction of seeds of Apium Graveolens PROPERTIES Appearance : Free flowing, dark green liquid at ambient temperatures. Solubility : Soluble in alcohol ( 95%) Flavor : A characteristic aroma of celery with bitter taste Ingredients : Solvent extracted product BLENDS OFFERED The above quality is our standard specification. In addition to this customized blends are also offered to meet specific requirements. SPECIFICATION Volatile Oil Content : 8 - 9% (v/w) Residual Solvent : Less than 25 ppm MICROBIAL QUALITY Total plate count : Less than 1000 cells/gram Yeast and Mould : Less than 100 cells/gram E Salmonella: Negative/ 5 grams coli : Negative/ gram HEAVY METALS Total heavy metals: Less than 20 ppm Arsenic: Less than 3 ppm Lead: Less than 5 ppm

Oils, nonfood
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