COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Powder coating made of cement, sand, water, calcium carbonate, resin and various additives. The resulting paste is white. SUITABLE SURFACES All types of rough surfaces constructed from dry and wet masonry: cement, concrete, cinder blocks, stone, brick PACKAGING Bags of 6 and 20 kg. APPLICATION Apply using a plastering trowel : 1 or 2 coats to smooth over any bumps. Apply in 2 cross-coats using a wide brush (use a more liquid consistency). Clean tools with water. APPLICATION THICKNESS Max 5 mm. CONSUMPTION Approximately 1.1 kg per m²/mm of thickness. TECHNICAL FEATURES • Setting time : 3 hrs • Adhesion : compliant with standard EN 16566 • AFNOR classification NFT 36.005 - Family IV class 4c • High vapour permeability : class V1 according to ISO 7783-2 • Low liquid permeability : class W3 according to ISO 1062-3 RECOMMENDED APPLICATION When applying with a wide brush, mix to a more liquid consistency (like whitewash).

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