LLC Recreation Center Bonustreyd offers to delivery, to your enterprise, a cement grinding intensifier. Intensifiers are organic structures which are added in the course of a clinker grinding, directly to mills. Are used in the cement industry for the purpose of reduction of consumption of energy, increase in efficiency of a grinding and receiving a grinding of a high subtlety. Besides listed mobility of cement in lines of giving improves and obstruction in bunkers for storage is prevented. № Name of indicators Fact 1. Mass fraction of carbon, % not less 80 2. Mass fraction of ashes, % no more 20 3. Mass fraction of sulfur, % 0,3 - 1,5 4. Mass fraction of moisture, % no more 1,5 5. Pass through a grid 0200 (200 microns), % 100 6. Pass through a grid 0063 (63 microns), % 90 The price - contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – EXW, Zaporizhia. Use of our production will meet your expectations! Terms of payment - 100% an advance...

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