Centring clamp stainless steel pneumatic

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Workpieces are clamped and released by compressed air. The possible clamping diameter is from 16 to 20 mm. Material: Body, stainless steel. Seal, NBR. Version: Stainless steel bright. Note for ordering: Cylinder head screws M4X35 for fastening from below are included with delivery. Cylinder head screws with low head M5 for fastening from above are not included with delivery. Note: Installed dimensions for plate thickness 6 mm. The stated retaining forces are related to an operating pressure of 0.5 Mpa and a surface quality of Ra 1.6 µm. Repeat accuracy in this case is ±0.2 mm.

  • Clamp collars, plastic
  • Clamp stainless
  • Pneumatic clamp

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10280 Fontaines Les Gres - France