Gift Ceramic bottle for vodka in the form of the dollar is a wonderful gift to a man at his birthday, Father’s day or professional holiday. This bottle will be a great finding if you do not know what to choose as a present for accountant, financier or your supervisor. This bottle with gold or silver paint application looks very solid and rich. Presenting such a bottle as a gift, it can become a talisman to attract money, wealth and investment. The main thing is not to forget about the contents of the container and always fill it with favorite drink. ElegiaGrand provides servises for manufacturing bottles with the exclusive design, which we can develop specially for you. ElegiaGrand will be pleased to help you to create a unique model of ceramic bottles or other ceramics, as well as to establish its production and circulation. Additional Info Scope:0,830 L. Height:275 mm. Width:145 mm. Depth:125 mm. Product Weight:0,700 g.

Ceramics, handicraft
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