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Ceramic Bottle "Euro Sign" -


This is a stylish and practical ceramic product made by the masters of the Elegia Grand factory, a catch for online stores and souvenir shops selling original gifts for men. This bottle can be a reliable container for strong alcoholic beverages like whiskey, vodka, cognac or brandy. In a ceramic container equipped with a hermetic lid, the alcohol will retain its fine taste and aroma. Despite the compact size, this bottle for vodka and other strong alcohol contains 0,5 liters. We offer you to buy the “Euro Sign” bottle in several color options: dark blue, brown, white with gold spatter along the contour of the currency symbol. ElegiaGrand provides servises for manufacturing bottles with the exclusive design, which we can develop specially for you. ElegiaGrand will be pleased to help you to create a unique model of ceramic bottles or other ceramics, as well as to establish its production and circulation. Additional Info Scope:0,650 L. Height:230 mm. Width:160. Depth:65 mm.