The original bottle in the form of Globe will be an excellent gift for a professional or personal holiday to a geography teacher, travel agent or a traveler. The product is made of high quality ceramics, which, due to its resistance to the influence of negative factors and mechanical action, ensures the strength and reliability of the product. The bottle for alcoholic beverages "The Globe" has a bright and original design. This souvenir can be used not only during home gatherings, the bottle can also be transported in a backpack or in a travel bag, and you do not need to worry that the drink will be poured, since the bottle is equipped with a synthetic stopper, which prevents the ingress of moisture and air, and preserves the taste, aroma and temperature of the alcoholic beverage for a long period of time. Internet-shop Elegia Grand offers a wide range of any kind of ceramic products for every taste at an affordable price.

Ceramics, handicraft
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