Ceramic Half Trough Infrared Heating Element ICH-102 - Available with 125-500W; 110-480V; custom leads, colors and thermocouple (K)

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Made of high-alumina chamotte containing 65 to 72% Aluminum oxide. Sintered high-alumina ceramics' high thermal conductivity allows obtaining the most uniform temperature across the radiation surface, providing uniform and high-quality radiant heating. These elements are often used in thermoforming machines, drying chambers, infrared tunnels and panels, heating and drying equipment, and various commercial heaters. Estimated service life at least 8,000 - 10,000 hours of non-stop operation. Maximun temperature 750°C. Comply with all international standards and are interchangeable with all known brands (FTE/FSR/FSF/HTC/HTE).