Ceramic pressure sensor 0-10 bar absolute

Food industry

24.42€ TTC


The B+B pressure sensors are suitable for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media. They are based on the approved thick-film technology as well as the resistant carrier materials ceramic and stainless steel.

Product features

Name Ceramic absolute pressure sensor
Pressure measuring range 0...10 bar
pressure measuring variant absolute pressure
Burst pressure 25 bar
Application temperature -40...+105 °C
Operating voltage 5...30 VDC
Current consumption max. 4 mA
Bridge resistor 10 ±20% kΩ
Accuracy <±0.4%
Output signal 3.6...6,0 mV/V
Connection Flat cable, RM 2.54 x 66 mm, AWG26
Dimensions Ø18 x 6.35 mm
Environmental data RoHS 2002/95/EG compliant
Weight 0.02 kg

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