Since more than 40 years, VOMM lines are used all around the world for flour and pulse heat treatments. VOMM heat treatments are based on two main processes: • Thermal Treatments (single step process) that are used for the production of cakes with high sugar and fat contents, High Ratio Cakes, strengthened gluten properties and fine granulation; as a thickener for soups, sauces and Peanut Coating; as a filler binder for sausages; inactivation of microorganisms and enzymes; bran and germ toasting. • Hydrothermal Treatments (double step process) that are used for preparing batters for coating fish, meat and vegetables and also a Bread Improver / Sauce thickener by starch gelatinization; Bread with a softer crumb and extended shelf life; microbial charge reduction; bran and germ extended shelf life. Both families of process are completely natural, no Chemicals are added during modification.

Flour and semolina
  • flour
  • plants and equipment for the production of starches, glucose and dextrin
  • bran
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