We see certification as a tool that helps us continuously improve our organisation and the way we work. We believe in being good and getting better. Though the ultimate proof of excellence is a satisfied customer, we’d like to tell you about our certifications. And you’d better believe that we work hard every day to translate them into better logistics service! Over the past several years, we have brought in outside experts and trained inside ones to continually improve our processes, and ultimately, our value for our customers. When we interviewed our customers, that value was clearly visible. Read more here ISO 9001: Continual improvement The ISO 9001 standard requires service providers to have procedures in place to meet their customers’ needs in a structured, orderly way. They must also use their customers’ feedback, both positive and negative, to continually improve their products and services. We see — and use — ISO 9001 as a valuable tool to help us consistently make ourselves


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