Cerufree- Calmaspray

Auditory comfort


The ear: a sensory organ to cherish! In order to function correctly, the ear produces cerumen: a yellow wax that greases the auditory tract and provides protection from bacteria. However, the natural production of earwax varies from person to person: some of us produce very little while others produce a lot. Often, as a result of external factors (atmospheric and noise pollution, the wearing of audio headsets…), the ear produces too much earwax or fails to remove any excess that gradually accumulates in the auditory tract and forms what we commonly call “earwax plugs”. These earwax plugs cause various unpleasant symptoms: hearing loss, ear ache, dizziness or even tinnitus. The Auditory Comfort range has therefore been specially developed to answer these issues. It comprises 2 complementary ear sprays: Cerufree and Calmaspray.

Ear protectors
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  • tinnitus
  • earwax
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