Chain Lubrication Products - Automatic Lubrication Systems For Chains


Significantly extend chain service life with ATS chain lubrication systems. Our chain solutions help lubricant penetrate to the heart of industrial chains, reducing wear and drastically reducing chain related repairs and downtime. Our chain lubrication products will reduce energy consumption and lubricant use, by delivering effective and efficient lubrication to the areas of highest chain wear. Our automatic lubrication systems are the most reliable on the market, and used with our chain oiling equipment will also reduce chain noise, aid with impact damping, and reduce galling. The systems lubricate chains during hours of production, meaning no more maintenance related downtime, and improve safety by keeping maintenance staff away from moving machinery. ATS offers chain lubrication systems to apply oil or grease directly to chains, delivery using oil brushes, and grease injection for chains with grease nipples.