Chalkboards are so attractive because they give you the opportunity to be creative and let your ideas fly all over them. With our chalkboards, your ad is no longer just an ad, simply a message on the wall: now it becomes a frame to a thousand different inviting designs, drawings, images and calls. Not only does your logo become a crown upon a piece of art, but it also becomes the host of entertainment and witty remarks for customers. In a world where people are being sold to every day, refreshing content with subtle advertising can go a long way. For such a display, the underlying material is very important: not everything allows for good and fun writing. We know chalkboards' advertising grip depends on the quality of the chalkboard itself: that's why our boards are proudly made out of premium substrates only. As our products below tell, your chalkboard can be made with or without a wooden frame, and in any size you want. We guarantee a high-resolution, full color print

Plaques and signs
  • Point-of-sale advertising
  • advertising and promotional blackboards
  • blackboards
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