Granulated chamaenerion with flowers; 80 g

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The fragrant and rich tea beverage made out of fermented leaves of willow herb is collected in the unique environmentally pristine area, on the shores of Lake Ladoga, the largest freshwater lake of Europe which is located on the northwest of Russia, not far from Kurkijoki and has many healing properties. Only the freshest leaves on the 2/3 from the sprout top are collected in manual way. We observe the ancient traditions during the manufacturing. The tea is dried at the temperature of 40-60C at most in order to preserve as many vitamins and useful substances of this wonderful tea as possible. It is manufactured in granules. The plant products undergo the previous process of deep fermentation. The tea beverage is easily brewed, is notable for its pleasant taste and rich dark color. Ingredients: leaves and flowers of willow herb Storage conditions: at the temperature not higher than +25C in a dark dry place and with relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

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Gross weight 105 g
Net weight 80 g

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