This crush is designed specifically for larger breeds and is an extremely heavy duty unit. YOKE DESCRIPTON Manual traditional lever operated yoke handle can be used on either side ; Spring loaded quick release adjustment gives 4 preset yoke widths from 165mm to 330mm ; Fully opening front and side gates form the front cage enabling greater access all around the animals head. BODY DESCRIPTION Fully welded tapered tread plate floor to help keep the animals feet inside the crush when the side doors are open ; Two full height side doors on each side (hinged from a middle pillar) allow full access with no obstructions to the animal’s flanks ; Rear gate included as standard ; Traditional backing up bar facility built into the side gates ; Pallet fork lifting points welded onto the top horizontal rails ; Approximate weight 515KG. PRODUCT DETAILS LENGTH - 3120 mm BASE LENGTH - 3000 mm WIDTH -1000 mm INTERNAL WIDTH - 900 mm HEIGHT - 1950 mm

  • Load Bars
  • Foot Trimming Kit
  • Kiosk Lugs
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