Cheese Skinner


Powerful derinding machine for large and small pieces of cheese. In addition to an ideal cutting width, the Weber Cheese Skinner offers product-specific height adjustment of the blade, meaning that natural and plastic rinds can be optimally removed. Maximum product yield is guaranteed. Advantages Powerful and with a compact footprint A special cheese transport roller and perfectly adjusted blades for optimal processing results Ideal cutting width for powerful derinding of large and small pieces of cheese Bolted blade with blade protection in cleaning position Unique geared brake motor with quick stop Options: special voltages

Food Industry - Machines & Equipment
  • derinding machine
  • ideal cutting
  • cheese transport roller

Product features

Motor output (kW) 0,75
Cutting width (mm) 533
Height (mm) 975
Width (mm) 605
Length (mm) 916
Weight (kg) 230
Power supply (V/Hz/A) 400/50/16
Air pressure (bar) 6

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