This aromatic snack with salami cubes is deliciously crispy and wonderfully moist thanks to the delicate mozzarella cream. Silver in 2017 120g 1 x 48 ready-to-bake Product attributes aromatic snack that stays fresh for a long time made of crispy butter puff pastry filled with a delicate cheese cream with mozzarella and béchamel sauce with a generous helping of salami cubes garnished with grated cheese no colouring agents no flavour enhancers no hydrogenated fats/oils Suggested garnish Ready garnished with grated cheese. Processing information Oven temperature 165 - 175°C Overall baking time 26 - 28 min. Steam lots Baking Program BAKING PROGRAM (Guide values for COMMERCIAL BAKING OVENS): Load the frozen pastries into a preheated oven (with vent closed) and bake with lots of steam. After 24 min. open the vent to give the pastries a crisp and crusty surface. Ingredients We would be pleased to send you our detailed product specifications together with a list of ingredients on...


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