Cheetah Pattern Spun Bamboo Bowl


34.40$ HT


You will love this bamboo bowl for its beautiful design and natural materials used to make it. It is made of spun bamboo, the bamboo strips wrapped round the mold to create round and gentle shape. Inside you could see the natural bamboo colour and from outside it is decorated with the eggshell inlay, the traditional decoration for many Asian counties. • The bowl is made of natural and sustainable materials, following the ideas of zero waste. • The bowl could be used as a salad or fruit bowl, to serve the dry snacks (sweets, popcorn etc) and as a filler bowl for decoration elements. • The bowl is handcrafted by highly-skilled Vietnamese artisans using local traditional technics. • Each bowl is unique and one of a kind.

  • Bamboo Bowl
  • Bowl
  • spun bamboo

Product features

Medium sizes 30x30x11 cm (11.81”x11.81”x4.33”)
Large sizes 35.5×35.5×12.5 cm (13.97”x13.97”x4.92”)

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