Waste Shredder ES-S1050 Chemical Barrels Shredder ES-S1050 ES-S1050 chemical barrels Shredder is one two shafts shredder.Low speed,high torque design.The shredder have the big applications,our customers used the shredder processed scrap metals like scrap biles,and oil drum. white goods like washing machine,fridge,Scrap computers,waste fiber etc. Enerpat produced ES-S1050 for more than 10 years,and sold to more than 800 customers in the worldwide. we also get good reputation from many customers. Official Photo Application (Below List As Reference,Need Confirm With Enerpat) ● 208 liter plastic oil drum ● Air conditioning radiator ● Oil filter ● Waste bikes ● Waste scrap car parts like doors ● Castings ● Aluminum Engines Shell ● Steel Roof ● Washing Machine ● Fridge ● E-Waste ● Scrap Tyre (800mm) ● Waste Fiber and cloth Raw Material And End Products

Industrial waste management
  • Chemical Barrels Shredder
  • drum shredder
  • plastic bottle crusher

Product features

Shredding Chamber(mm)L xW 1080x500
Power Supply 1x380V 50Hz 110A
Motor Power (kW) 37
Noise Level (dB) 65-68
Hopper Size(mm) 1200 x700
Hopper Volume (m3) 0.5
Blade Width (mm) 30
Rotor Speed 23/26
Blades Quantity 36 Pcs
Machine Length(mm) 2780
Machine Width(mm) 1700
Machine Height(mm) 2389
Machine Weight(t) 4.1
Package Wood Box Package

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Chemical Barrels Shredder work video

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