IRwin® Methane Leak Detector is an innovative, portable natural gas detector for easy gas pipe survey and gas leak detection. It is developed in accordance with many national directives, such as the DVGW (Deutscher Verband des Gas- und Wasserfaches) directive. The IRwin SX-models are certified for use in Zone 0, classification Ex II 1G, Ex ia IIC T3 Ga. The integrated proprietary infrared sensor system (patents pending) has a fast reaction and short recovery time. The system prevents false leak alarms and ensures correct and fast leak evaluation. The specially developed Gas Chromatograph (GC) and IR-sensor combination allows fast distinction between marsh gas and natural gas from all known natural gas sources. The IRwin GC gives fast test results, even at low ethane concentrations, from 1000 ppm methane leaks. IRwin is able to measure methane according to the traditional operating modes required by DVGW G 465-4, such as "Inspection above-ground" and "Measuring bar holes". The...

Product features

Methane CH4
Carbon dioxide CO2
Ethane C2H6
Sensitivity 1 ppm to 100% CH4
Operating time min. 8h
Charging time 4 h (3 h fast charge)
Supply Lithium Ion battery
IP protection IP54
Operating temperature -20 to +50°C (-4 to 122°F)
Storage temperature -25 to +50°C (-13 to 122°F)
Air humidity max. 95% RH, not condensing
Dimensions (W x H x D) 197 x 256 x 62 mm (7.7 x 10 x 2.4 in.)
Instrument ca. 1.4 kg (3 lb.)
Instrument & probe system ca. 2.7 kg (6 lb.)

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