Chemical Stacking Drum Blow Molding Machine Main Features-B25S-750(1 station 1 Cavity) The Bestar chemical stacking drum blow molding machine module is the core components of plastic molting part which adopts the German technology. Different models type is available according to customers’ requirements, such as E60/25, E70/25, E80/25 etc. The extruders has improved output with grooved feed section and forced cooling method; barrel with ceramic heating ring with strong fan for cooling, thus ensuring the effective control of the temperature of each segment; the hardened gear box ensures long service life; the entire extrusion machine components are installed on the supporting platform, which is adjustable in order to suit for different die heads. The basic parameters, with following main features: 1.The screw and the rubber tube are made of high grade nitrated steel, with features as high strength, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance; 2.Adopt with variable frequency...

Product features

Model B25S-750
Clamping force 250kN
Hydraulic power 22kW
Platen opening stroke 500-1000mm
Toggle Stroke 750mm
Dry cycle time 6.2S
Mold size 740mm
Extruder drive form AC frequency drive
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Air Pressure 6-10bar
Air consumption about120m3/h
Machine overall dimensions (length x width x height) 7500x3500x4200mm
Machine weight about20Tons

Additional product literature

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