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Chemin De Garrigue" Organic Soap - Regenerating Capitaine Cosmetique - Organic cosmetics


This handmade organic soap is cold saponified, which allows it to retain its moisturizing properties to protect your skin This solid cleanser is 100% natural and certified organic. Made in Brittany by Capitaine Cosmetique. this natural soap is perfect for gently cleansing the skin and bringing it moisture and comfort. This organic soap is ideal to fight against skin imperfections, impurities and regulate excess sebum It leaves a pleasant scent of lavender, rosemary and cypress on the skin This solid soap is zero waste. It is eco-designed and reduces plastic packaging 1 soap purchased = 2 plastic packages avoided. Moreover, it is cruelty free and vegan.This organic soap is composed of - Shea butter which softens the skin and nourishes it in depth; - Organic castor oil which strengthens the skin barrier.

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