Chicken egg casserole

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We manufacture plastic packaging, such as gift packaging for products (cookies, candy, macarons). Also, we can sell Giftwrapping for nonfood products (cosmetics, office products, candles, decorative products, bracelets, necklaces), giftwrapping for weedings, giftwrapping for corporate events (commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the company, for example), Easter giftwrapping, Christmas giftwrapping, giftwrapping for womes’s day, giftwrapping for Valentine’s Day. Giftwrapping for employees, giftwrapping for business partners. Gift boxes, for miscellaneous products decorations, ornaments, accessory, scarves… Also, we can do other models of boxes, according to our client specifications. You can check our dimensions table, which contains all needed details. Jewelry boxes, accessory, wedding favors or other small products. The boxes can be accessorized with ribbon or cord. Also, we can personalize the boxes by request, with client’s logo.

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  • Chicken egg
  • Egg casserole

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050191 Bucuresti - Romania