People know not only the numerous useful properties of chickpea, but also the high gastronomic qualities of this product, therefore, there are a lot of dishes based on it. Chickpeas are usually cooked, fried or canned. The calorie content of chickpeas is quite high, so we can safely say that this is a fairly nutritious product, and therefore a very small portion of a dish made from this bean is needed to feel full. Chickpeas have a pleasant nutty flavor. Boiled and chopped beans are a hearty snack common in Israel called hummus. And in Arab cuisine, the national dish falafel is prepared from this mashed potatoes, frying chickpea balls until they crisp. Chickpea contains such an important element as manganese, which is an enzyme necessary for energy production and antioxidant defense of the body. It is known that with the use of just one cup of chickpeas, a person replenishes the daily intake of this substance by 84.5 percent.

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