This price includes the following modules: Bed "Frigate" Wardrobe "Frigate" Writing desk "Frigate" Chest "Frigate" Curbstone "Frigate" When decorating a nursery, the rational use of useful space comes to the fore, because here the child not only rests, but also plays, does homework, is engaged in creativity and sports. When creating collections, our designers think over every detail, relying on current trends. Children's "Fregat" is one of the examples of the perfect combination of practicality, originality and durability. The color scheme is suitable for several styles at once, and the dimensions are suitable for rooms of different sizes. Nursery furniture is created from safe materials with excellent wear resistance.

Furniture, children's bedroom
  • Children'S Frigate
  • Nursery Furniture
  • Bed Frigate
  • Children'S Furniture Sets
  • designer table

Product features

Color version Wotan oak
Material Chipboard (16mm)
Weight, kg 209.4
volume, m3 0.45

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