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Children's house

1.5x2.5m with a sandbox

537.00€ HT


The children's house from the LESKOVO company will not only decorate the adjoining territory of any summer cottage or apartment building, but will also become a favorite habitat for kids while walking. The sandbox provided by the project beckons children like a magnet, and buckets, spatulas and molds immediately replace gadgets. And the quality of the houses for and their environmental safety make LESKOVO products even more popular and in demand. What's included in the package: 1) Wall kit: mini-timber 44x145 mm. with gash according to the drawing. The height of the walls is 2.16 m. 2) Floors: boarding joists, bottom strapping made of 45x140 mm board, 35 mm floor board. 3) Ceiling: timber imitation 20x135 mm. 4) Platbands: dry planed board 20x100 mm. 5) Roof: Shinglas bituminous shingles. 6) Skirting board 35 mm.

Prefabricated houses
  • Wood products
  • Wooden sheds
  • timber garden shed

Product features

Dimensions 1,5 * 2,5 m
total area 1,4 m2
maximum gross weight 0,5 ton
maximum volume in a package 0,9 m3
wood moisture 16-18%

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