Certainly good air Chimney top fans are mounted on the chimney and can be used for all standard heating and combustion installations. Specifically, they are good for fireplaces, oil and gas boilers, solid fuel boilers, individual stoves or furnaces, barbecue stoves, smoking ovens and blacksmith pits. The centrifugal flue gas fan is powered by an electric motor which is located outside the flow. Flowing combustion gases are sucked from the chimney in axial direction by the high performance centrifugal impeller, diverted by 90 ° in the impeller and blown out horizontally at the chimney head, below the motor support plate, to all sides. The standard devices provide flows up to 2,500 m³ per hour / 1,500 cfm at low to medium pressure increase. Larger devices are available. The temperature-resistant special construction allows an operating temperature of 250 ° C / 480 ° F. For operating temperatures up to 350 ° C / 660 ° F the devices can be custom made.

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