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PowerSeal - Chip Module Encapsulation Machine


Encapsulation is the method for protecting the chip and wires against mechanical stress and environmental influences. For this purpose, cast resin is dispensed and then cured by UV light or heat, depending on the type of resin. The PowerSeal offers highest quality and maximum speed for the encapsulation of chip modules with up to 40,000 modules/hour. PowerTest - Chip Module Test System The inspection of IC modules for smart cards and RFID devices, based on parametric and functional testing, is an integral part in the production flow and quality assurance. The PowerTest is designed for high-speed testing and encoding of chip modules on 35 mm tapes. The system is also perfectly suited for initialisation and personalisation of IC modules, including OS loading. GTL700 - Glue Tape Lamination System The GTL700 is a highly reliable and flexible system for glue tape lamination of chip module tapes in preparation for the hot melt implanting process. The very efficient system can...