Chip on Board (COB)

Enables precision in the smallest spaces


RAFI Eltec has over 20 years of experience in the special technology chip-on-board. That gives us a profound understanding of processes and quality in the standard technologies and beyond. As a result, we meet your requirements for flexible and reliable implementation of technically sophisticated solutions. We even set new standards. CHIP-ON-BOARD TECHNOLOGIES • Chip-on-board bonding • Chip-on-chip bonding • Chip-on-flex bonding • Flip chip TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CLEAN ROOM • Die bonding • Wire bonding (aluminum wire bonding and gold wire wedge-wedge bonding) • Glob top casting • Optical casting • Application of HF seals

Electrical & Electronic Components
  • Chip on flex bonding
  • Chip on chip bonding
  • Chip on board bonding

Product features

Chip-On-Board Technologies Chip-on-board bonding, Chip-on-chip bonding, Chip-on-flex bonding, Flip chip
Technologies in the clean room Die bonding, Wire bonding (aluminum wire bonding and gold wire wedge-wedge bonding), Glob top castin

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