Special effects for every skin The idea is ingeniously simple: A fine, natural film prevents loss of moisture and elasticity. Thanks to a high molecular biopolymer taken from the marine world. This brilliant active ingredient, Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP with a molecular weight of up to five million g/mol, protects the fact and body with a film whose soothing effects can truly be felt. Hydamer™ CMF/FMFP also stands out thanks to its excellent skin compatibility. Properties & Advantages Protective layer formation Moisturizer effect, firming on the skin Improved sun protection Softness, suppleness Skin sensation Skin compatibility Dosage 0.05 - 0.15 % Strong deo effect A modern deodorant is expected to perform several tasks at the same time: It should provide longlasting, all-day protection while imparting a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, and should also be skin-compatible and mild. Hydamer™ DCMF, the capable marine active ingredient, enables modern deodorants to satisfy these deman


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