To support normal blood cholesterol levels. Fermented red rice – daily dose with 10mg monacolin K Q-10 and lecithin. Information from specialist literature on the use of cholesterol complex Cardiovascular conditions are among the most common illnesses worldwide. This is due, among other things, to an elevated cholesterol level. A lack of exercise and bad eating habits are also responsible for dangerously high cholesterol levels. A change in diet is therefore essential for those affected. Evolution Cholesterol Complex Our natural cholesterol complex is a high-quality vital substance complex, which aids in normalizing the high levels of cholesterol and triglycerid. The cholesterol complex contains a natural red rice extract and delivers natural monacolin K. In addition to the colour pigments, the red rice also contains valuable bioflavonoids, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids gained through fermentation. Q10 supports the energy metabolism in the cell for more energy....


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