It is used for cleaning of territory of bushes, stubs and trees with the diameter from 10 sm up to 15 sm, with their simultaneous chopping and sufficient (up to 25 sm) digging into soil. Mixing of chopped ground wood with upper humic soil horizon allows considerably accelerate the process of digestion of residual organic substances, assists in increase of soil fertility. Using of mulching technology makes it possible to replace a whole range of works such as: cutting of a bush and felling of non-merchantable small trees, trimming of boughs, bucking and chopping of wood, collecting and burning of waste wood. Mulching technology makes it possible to avoid a necessity to burn waste wood, which violates ecologic environment. The applied technology increases the period of secondary overgrowing on the object. The power of the tractor on which mulching cutter is installed is 150 horse powers (minimal).

Agriculture and forestry - machinery and equipment
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