Christmas baubles with logo print You are looking for a exceptional advertising material or an unique decoration? You require a new incentive item? You are searching for a different product which assures you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd! Screenprint Print technology for which the printing plate is a template. Onto this template a close meshed fabric is put and through this fabric the colour is transferred onto the print area of the bauble. What is possible: Simple logos or text Only 1-colour Around-the-bauble printing possible 3D print, which means that the print is highlighted with glitter Padprint A silicone pad takes the motive from a low pressure printing plate and “print” it on the bauble (like a stamp). Because of rapid drying of the colours it is possible to print up to 5 colours consecutively and on top of each colour. What is possible: High precision of the print Simple logos text up to detailed pictures one-coloured or 4-5 coloured. Printing only...


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