LAUDA Additional coolers ETK 50 Immersion cooler 230 V; 50 Hz Immersion cooler for cooling of heating thermostats Adjustable 2-point action controller Cooling finger (coil) from stainless steel Extremely flexible and well insulated tube connection to the cooling finger Optimum cooling capacity by direct evaporation of the refrigerant into the cooling finger Automatic compressor on/off control Power cord with angled plug (CEE7/7) Technical data (according to DIN 12876) Working temperature range -50 °C ... 20 °C Ambient temperature range 5 °C ... 40 °C Temperature control ± 0,50 °C Cooling capacity at 20 °C 0,25 kW Power consumption max. 0,3 kW Rated current 2,0 A Circuit breaker N/A Overall dimensions (W x D x H) 460 x 410 x 270 mm

Product features

Net weight 30 kg
Country of origin Germany
Gross weight 40 kg
Packing width 0,66 m
Packing height 0,84 m
Packing depth 0,47 m
packing volume 0,261 m³

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