The Industrial collection takes us to an era that has permanently inscribed in our culture as an emanation of human imagination. To the times when humanity could - for the first time - set in motion its works not by the strength of own muscles, but by the energy of hot steam. It is a time of extraordinary inventions and crazy visions that have given technological advances to today’s civilization. The collection is characterised by a great attention to detail, each of the devices is filled with numerous movable gears, knobs and levers, giving the child’s imagination an infinite field of possibilities in the creation of fun. We dedicate this series devices to all the post-industrial spaces that are being revitalized, but also to customers looking for playgrounds that stand out from the traditional offer.

Playground equipment
  • Adventure playground equipment
  • children’s playgrounds
  • cisterns

Product features

Max. fall height 1,7 m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5,55 x 2,48 x 1,68 m
Impact surface 9,0 x 5,5 m
Impact surface area 37,1 m2
Recommended surface according to the table

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