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The clamping bolts can be fixed to the machine table directly with Tslot nuts. Clamping parallel to the table is guaranteed by low tolerance classes (js6) for the height. The clamping range is 8 – 40 mm. Clamping screws for the ranges 40 – 67 and 65 – 87 mm are also available. The intermediate plate prevents damage to the machine table, as well as shifting during tightening. The brass clamping ring prevents impressions on the workpiece.

Clamp collars, plastic
  • Bolts Clamping
  • Oxidised Clamping
  • Bolts Oxidised

Product features

Material Clamping bolt, steel. Clamping screw, carbon steel. Clamping ring brass.
Version Clamping bolt hardened and black oxidised. Clamping screw black oxidised. Clamping ring bright

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