Safety Clamping for Rail Systems Holding force 540 N Always on the safe side: The safety clamping elements LOCKED SL clamp and brake directly on the clear area of guide rails on linear modules with forces of up to 10,000 N. They are individually adjusted to the linear guide being used and are available for all rail sizes from 20 to 65 mm and profiles from all renowned manufacturers. Special brake pads made of low wear sintered metal are used for the additional emergency stop braking functions in the safety clamping elements LOCKED SL. The SL product family offers optimum static clamping with a service life up to 1 million cycles or up to 500 emergency braking operations. They also offer low system costs in comparison with hydraulic and electric solutions.

Product features

Holding force 540 N
Operating pressure 4 bar
Rail sizes 20 mm to 65 mm
Clamping cycles/emergency use 500
Clamping cycles 1,000,000
Mounting In any position
Material Tool steel
Pneumatic medium Dried, filtered air
Operating temperature range 15 °C to 45 °C
Application field Tool machines, Transport systems, Feeder installations, Positioning tables, Assembly stations

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