Classic Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl
Classic Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl  - U.M.A. CO


"100% natural shaving Cosmetics- Shave soaps, Shaving Cream, Shave Balm, Shave Lotion, Shave Oil, Beard Oil, Moustache Wax, Tattoo After Care We Have Developed Into One Of The World's Leading Providers Of High-Quality Cosmetics & Accessories For Wet Shaving. Perfectly formulated shaving cosmetic contains only the finest ingredients and natural extracts to give you the smoothest shaving experience, greatly reducing chances of nicks and cuts. We also specialise in customising products as per clients requirement basis on any criteria like formulation, packaging or either budget. We provide Private label/OEM services to lot of companies around the world under their brand. Our products are sulphates free, parabens & phathlates free and produced with natural ingredients or essential oils."


Product features

minimum order 50
uses male
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