This is where you can store your small part inventory well-arranged and completely dust-free! You just need to pivot forward the case made of special transparent plastic to open in inclination. Perfect inclining function is provided even with heavy charge. The Clear-View cabinets are available in solid frames made of shock-resistant plastic (PS) of 601 mm standard width and in 6 different sizes. The Clear-View cabinets offer you a combined storage system: with order, a clear overview, dust protection, quick access and helpful transparency to identify the parts promptly. Large label areas above the handles are useful for the cases labelling and designation. The Clear-View cabinets are made of top- quality plastic and characterize through their high durability; they are nearly unbreakable and largely oil and acid-resistant. In addition, they have two utility spaces and can be employed in every workplace – i.e. without frame, too.

Racks and bins
  • Clear-View cabinets
  • transparent cases
  • boxes

Product features

clear overview transparency
dust protection in solid frames
quick access top-quality plastic


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