Cleco Dotco Quality Grinders

Cleco Dotco Quality Grinders for Industrial Surface Preparation


Precision Known for their performance, dependability and versatility, the Dotco brand is viewed as the premier line of surface-preparation tools in the industrial marketplace. With the lowest runout in the market, precision parts let the operators manufacture precision products. Ergonomics Dotco tools are designed so that their form follows their function. Simply put, these are tools that are more comfortable for the operator to use, and work with operators - not against them. Versatility By using only a few motor types, a diverse line of Dotco products have been developed to handle a wide range of applications. These tools also have a high interchangeability of parts making maintenance easier and more affordable.

  • Portable power sanders
  • Pencil Die Grinder
  • In-Line Die Grinder
  • Angle Die Grinder

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73463 Westhausen - Germany


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