The Cleco® NeoTek™ fastening system is the next generation of smart tool solutions. The NeoTek 30 and 50 series tools have angle heads that were engineered to provide 1 million cycles maintenance-free, while delivering classleading repeatability of 2.0 Cm/Cmk at +/- 7%. NeoTek’s tool cable features an industryfirst quarter turn twist-lock design, thus eliminating one of the leading causes of tool cable failure: damaged threads. Cleco Neotek Right Angles are available from 1.3 to 350 NM, Pistols from 0.9 to 123 Nm and Inline from 0.9 to 850 Nm. - lightweight, ergonomic design - fully programmable features - high-output LED light rings - audible alerts - handle vibration - twist-lock design of the tool cable connector eliminates damaged threads - dual-analog and digital controller that supports legacy models - significant decrease of cable diameter and weight reduce by 50%

Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing
  • Assembly tools
  • Corded Nutrunner

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